Yesterday's pounding scene

Yesterday made mochi society attended the event thank you
In addition, we thank thank you

Small children are fine with her mother was doing well, mochiPettanko. pettanko

Rice White mochi and Wormwood, sweet bean soup soy flour, red bean paste and radish soup, none very good


Again this year, after slight and nowToho garden event of the end of last year to 12/24.

The first attempt of Toho
Christmas event, stone kiln roast chicken stone kiln chicken pizza stone kiln (NEW-MargheritaNEWKombini, Toho-en original)
We can deliver your home was 24th in the bookingSites(Sakae town only)

Received your reservation, thank you very much. So did not think to be honest, we also so orders can be
Really glad to know that. が、初めてなので、ちょっとビビッてます
But let your staff from the booking, so definitely come to deliver
(Closed book for the very popular)

Do the Christmas event next year too, I came back this year, so I do my best
Looking forward to wait and see.