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2018年5月4日 : Children's Festival held in ☆
«Golden events»

A fixed calendar of holidays.YesJust not come to play those, Toho-en

I could be in time does not mean that there is something special that we will feel good. Nice

The atmosphere of the restaurant:At home

 Event description:Trout fishing, trout grilled with salt (釣ranakute is OK), watagashi (made by myself)
-Super Bowl dip, lottery and struck out

   Meals:Today the weather is good, you can BBQ outside. (At OK)
(Photos with family consent, are published. )


Tonal music is surrounded by mountains, fresh air and life...
"Luxury, what was it?"

We are daily 1人1人 staff
"Warm place. Aiming to ' try.

Where people are connected East Treasure Garden, where anyone can be a smile,

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